I’m a millennial dad, raised in a single-family home in NYC, living with my mother and grandfather. While my childhood wasn’t one of poverty it was a far cry from living like the Rockefeller’s. Just a two-minute walk down the street, and you were in the heart of the hood. Amidst this environment, I witnessed firsthand the all-too-common stories of family and friends lost to prison and gun violence. Yet, alongside these narratives, I also saw examples of success and the creation of fulfilling lives, whether through financial means or personal satisfaction.

This contrast sparked my deep-seated passion for finance and investing at a young age. Today, as a father, I’m navigating the unique path of parenting while progressively advancing toward financial independence and laying the groundwork for generational wealth. My journey from humble beginnings to where I am now serves to inspire you, underlining that if I can learn to invest and build wealth in the stock market, you absolutely can too.

In my journey, I’ve experienced a fair share of success in investing. Excluding Nvidia (which has been absolutely on fire) my primary portfolio is up 42% overall and my growth portfolio over the past year (as of Feb 2024) returned 32.40% slightly above the S&P 500 at 30.45%. I share this not to boast, but rather to highlight the rewarding potential that knowledgeable investing can offer.

But my story is just one among many. I firmly believe that our collective journeys can inspire and guide each other towards achieving our financial goals.

In this space, we dive into a variety of topics – from the stock market and personal finance to credit cards, and even balancing parenthood with financial commitments. My aim is to demystify complex financial concepts, making them relatable, easily comprehensible, and actionable.

We’ll simplify the world of investing and personal finance, illustrating how seamlessly they can merge with your everyday life. So, hop on this ride and let’s grow together. Let’s make our money work for us, take control of our financial futures, and lay the foundation for generational success!